ILC pronounce a new short training program preparation to iBT-TOEFL Testing. For test takers who don’t have enough time to take an iBT-TOEFL Preparation program and wonder about iBT-TOEFL Tasks they will face in.

Program Duration : 18 hours or 7 sessions (@ 2 hours per session)


  1. Skill technique materials (Structure, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing): 10 hours or 5 sessions (@ 2 hours per session).
  2. iBT-TOEFL Simulation Test (Pre Test and Post Test): 8 hours or 2 sessions (@ 4 hours per test session).

With this short package, test takers will find out what kind of iBT-TOEFL tasks they will face in and learn view strategies to face the test.

Contact ILC for detail info and schedule.


2 thoughts on “ILC Short Training to face the TOEFL® Test

    1. ILC Surabaya says:

      The class is open every time we have at least 3 candidate students.
      By the way, what course do you need?

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